Accommodation & Airport Pick Up

SMART English provides comprehensive student support services including airport pick-up and several accommodation options according to our students’ needs and preferences. To fully enjoy the international experience, students may choose to stay at a homestay or at a student residence. All accommodation services offered by SMART English are the result of a long partnership with our main providers, hence students may rest assured that SMART English regularly verifies that the quality and safety standards are constantly met.


Living the Aussie life with a homestay family is one of those memories that students will never forget. Staying with a homestay family encourages cultural and language exchange. Students will have the chance to speak English at any time and learn more about Australia and its multiculturalism with a full immersion, enjoying the food, the lifestyle, and the habits. SMART English Melbourne approves all homestay providers and accommodates students according to their needs and preferences where possible.

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Student Accommodation

Melbourne can offer various student accommodations to meet the different needs of our students.

Find comfort and convenience in our budget-friendly, fully-equipped modern rooms! is a student accommodation marketplace that helps students find residential accommodation.

Airport Pickup

We can arrange an airport pickup service upon request to transfer you from the airport

to your homestay or student accommodation. Book it when you apply for your English

course! We will simply need your arrival date and your flight details.



What is the difference between half board and full board in a Homestay?

Half-board homestays provide 2 meals a day. It is usually breakfast and dinner. Full board provides all 3 meals a day including lunch or a lunch box.

How far is the student accommodation from SMART English Australia? offers various options of accommodation in CBD which are within 10 ~ 30 min walking distance. Campus Melbourne will take 30 minutes travel time. Homestays are usually located within 30 ~ 60 min of travel time.

Where do I meet my airport pickup?

Our airport pickup service provider will send you the meeting time and meeting location with the welcome package. Our pickup service provider will wait for you at the exit with a SMART English Australia sign.

What if I miss my plane?

Please send us an email or call the emergency contact with your new arrival time and flight details as soon as you have them.